Brazil: Beginning of the 5th Congress of the CSP-Conlutas

By Correspondent

The 5th Congress of the Central Sindical Popular – Conlutas is taking place in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, from the 7th to the 10th of September. The debate began with the presence of approximately 1,000 people, who came from different states of the country. Our comrade Nancy Galvão spoke at the opening table. She is from the National Executive Secretary of the central and from the national leadership of Unidos Pra Lutar and Socialist Revolution, the Brazilian section of the ISL.

Later it was time to present the international delegations that came from Africa, Angola, Botswana, Guinea-Bissau and Togo, from the Americas, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica and Ecuador, from Asia, Palestine, from Europe, Catalonia, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom and Ukraine. From Argentina, Guillermo Pacagnini, on behalf of the Agrupación Nacional Clasista y Antiburocrática (ANCLA) and the national leadership of the MST, the Argentinean section of the ISL, addressed the congress and expressed his regards

The second day began with sectoral meetings such as women, education, state workers or international, where several solidarity campaigns against the criminalization of the protest in different countries were voted and a common declaration for the dismissal of the teachers of Santa Cruz was resolved. In the afternoon, the congress continued with a panel discussion on the war in Ukraine, where a big and important agreement was expressed on the need to build working class and internationalist solidarity with the Ukrainian people resisting the Russian occupation. For the urgent withdrawal of the Russian army and the cease-fire, all solidarity with the resistance and without trusting NATO and Yankee imperialism.

In the afternoon, the debate on the national situation was opened. Comrade Silvia Leticia, council member of Belem de Para, national leader of Unidos Pra Lutar and of the Socialist Revolution-ISL, was at the table and defended our Thesis to the 5th Congress. With much determination she placed the importance of building a class-conscious and militant tool to confront the attacks on the working class and the poor people by the governments, be they of the far right, like that of Bolsonaro, or of the broad front like that of Lula.

The debates will continue in the coming days and we will further contribute to the construction of a class-conscious, militant, independent and democratic trade union central.