At the French embassy in Buenos Aires: Free George Abdullah!

By Cesar Latorre, MST in the FIT Unidad leadership

As part of the international campaign of the International Socialist League for the freedom of George Ibrahim Abdullah, this Friday, October 20, we mobilized to the French embassy in Buenos Aires.

George Abdullah is a Lebanese militant in solidarity with the Palestinian cause, who has been imprisoned in France for 39 years. He is the oldest political prisoner in Europe. Although since 1999 according to the law he has the right to conditional freedom, France has detained this to Abdullah due to pressure from the American and Israeli governments and the complicity of the Lebanese State. Given the violation of his rights, the ISL has developed this new campaign for his freedom.

The MST in the FIT Unidad mobilized to the French embassy. There we held an event where Alejandro Bodart, coordinator of the ISL, explained the relationship between France’s imperialist position and the massacre that the Zionist State of Israel is carrying out today against the Palestinian people. He then read the statement of the General Union of Students, Lebanese section of the ISL. Johannes, an NPA activist from France, also spoke about the bans on pro-Palestinian demonstrations in that country and the marches that will take place on Saturday the 21st in Toulouse to the prison where Abdullah is imprisoned and on Sunday the 22nd in Paris.

After the event, we delivered to the embassy a petition with more than 300 signatures from human rights, social and political organizations in Argentina that were collected at the national anti-repressive meeting held days ago, demanding Abdullah’s freedom.