Chronicles of Palestine 21: The Zionist invasion has Gaza’s remaining hospitals in its crosshairs

The Zionist army surrounds and attacks hospitals that house thousands of sick people and refugees. It says it’s advancing against Hamas but cannot show military achievements, it only continues massacring defenseless Palestinians. The number of Palestinians killed since October 7 has risen to 11,261, including at least 4,546 children. The number of hospitals that have been out of service since the beginning of the Israeli offensive in Gaza has reached 21.

Thursday, November 9

An Israeli strike hit a car in the courtyard of al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City. The vicinity of the Indonesian Hospital was hit with 11 missiles, damaging parts of the facilities. It announced that it will stop working for 24 hours after the attack. Al-Nasr Children’s Hospital has been attacked twice.

Israeli bombing of the Indonesian hospital in Gaza

Gaza’s blood bank was bombed and left out of service after ‘targeted’ Israeli attack.

Israeli artillery attacked a group of residents on Al-Shifa Street in Gaza.

UN says 5,500 women will give birth in Gaza over the next two weeks

The figure represents a stark reminder of the ongoing medical emergency in Gaza, where a critical shortage of fuel and other supplies has forced overcrowded hospitals to close or operate at minimal capacity. The United Nations Population Fund has said there are a total of 50,000 pregnant women in the enclave.

Now in Jenin, Palestinian Authority security forces and resistance fighters are fighting side by side. At least 18 Palestinians have been killed today by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank, including 14 in Jenin.

A Yemeni drone attacked deep in the city of Eilat and defense systems failed to repel it. Two bases housing US troops in Iraq were attacked in al-Anbar and Erbil.

The explosion generated by the Yemen’s drones that reached Israel

The Iranian Foreign Minister stated: “Due to the increasing intensity of the war in Gaza, expanding the scope of the war has become inevitable.

The White House said Israel agreed to daily four-hour pauses in the fighting in Gaza that would allow people to flee from the north to the south along two humanitarian corridors. Although they were not even fulfilled, the discussion about four-hour pauses illustrates the nightmare that the Palestinians of Gaza have been experiencing for more than a month, with permanent bombings without respite.

Friday, November 10

Now Israeli troops are stationed in the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood, in the al-Shati refugee camp and even in the eastern areas of Gaza. They are just one kilometer from Al Shifa hospital.

Al Shifa is already surrounded with tanks. Israel is demanding his evacuation, and they attacked it.

Israeli tanks already surrounded several hospitals in Gaza, health officials say, as al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City was attacked five times in less than 24 hours.

Al-Shifa Hospital

At least 50 people were killed after Israeli missiles and artillery hit a school in Gaza housing internally displaced people. According to witnesses, people fleeing along the main road to southern Gaza are also targeted.

Fighter jets bombed a group of displaced people on Salah al-Din Road heading south.

Fighting in urban areas of the Gaza Strip has reached critical levels, as Israeli occupation forces advance and deepen.

Al-Shati, the third-largest refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, has suffered some of the heaviest Israeli bombing throughout the war, with dozens of civilians reported dead.

The Israeli military said it has killed 150 Hamas fighters and destroyed launch sites, munitions production and military planning there. However, Daoud Shehab, spokesman for Palestinian Islamic Jihad, told Al Jazeera that Israel had not achieved any military objectives in Gaza.

Dozens of pro-Palestinian protesters blocked entrances to military supplier facilities in the United Kingdom and the United States on Friday, demanding an end to arms sales to Israel.

Their demonstrations were joined by unionists holding Palestinian banners and flags outside a BAE Systems factory in southeast England on Friday, taking aim at the UK’s largest military supplier. Mobilizations of solidarity with Palestine persist in the streets around the world.

March of solidarity with Palestine in Costa Rica

The Washington Post: 750 journalists signed a letter criticizing Western media coverage of the war in Gaza and condemning Israel’s murder of journalists.