Israel: the mask of a colonizing and genocidal face is falling off

With the massacre of the flour bags, Israel once again reveals its true murderous face, outlined for 75 years. Even those who support it criticize it. Ramadan has started without a ceasefire agreement between the Zionists and Hamas. Imperialism alerts Israel about the consequences of a possible regional war escalation. It is necessary to support in solidarity the heroic and suffering Palestinian people, proposing a strategic solution: For a single, secular, democratic, non-racist and socialist Palestine.

By Ruben Tzanoff

The flour bag massacre

After the explicit recognition of Israel’s willingness to remain in Palestine after the war, the Israeli army shot at desperate people who came to receive humanitarian aid southeast of Gaza City. They murdered 112 defenseless people and injured 750. It will remain in the history of humanity as one of the most shamefully anti-human and criminal acts perpetrated. It was a Nazi action that cannot surprise anyone because in five months of invasion they repeatedly recreated the worst methods they practiced in 75 years of conquest and genocide. Of course, the Zionists washed their blood-stained hands, arguing that the soldiers shot only a small group because “they felt threatened” (sic) and that the responsibility for the massacre was a human stampede with “pushing, trampling. and abuses.” Paramedics, doctors and witnesses refute the Israeli version and allege that soldiers opened fire when people rushed towards the convoys. This is the response of Netanyahu and the far-right Zionist regime to the International Court of Justice that warned him about his genocidal actions, that is, it does not interest him at all. The massacre also highlighted the famine of the 700,000 civilians who remain in northern Gaza, subjected to further isolation by the Israeli invasion.

Even its main supporter criticizes it

As we have been pointing out, the world mobilization for Palestine is so strong and the genocide so undisguisable that even the powers that support Israel criticize its actions. US imperialism, through the mouth of its chief Joe Biden, stated: “I will never abandon Israel”, which is evident because it is its gendarme for the Middle East, which it arms, and at the same time, expressed that the way in which it is carrying out the war in Gaza, “harms rather than helps Israel”, “it should pay more attention to the loss of innocent lives by the actions it is taking” and even stated that Rafah “is a red line”. And the U.S. Central Command announced that it has sent a ship towards the sea corridor of aid from Cyprus to Gaza.  The Zionists have responded to Biden that “You are wrong”.

The tensest Ramadan begins without a cease-fire in Gaza

Ramadan began on Monday 11 and the Israeli and Hamas mediators are still in talks in Cairo without reaching an agreement on a ceasefire. If the Zionist murderers were to launch an offensive on Rafah or provocations in Ramadan there could be a catastrophe worse than the ongoing one; it could cause a Muslim chain reaction and a sharp escalation of the war in terms of intensity and extent. This is something the imperialists say they do not want to encourage at the moment.

Muslims near the Jerusalem Mosque, waiting for the new moon that announces the beginning of Ramadan.

Let the cry of free Palestine spread from the river to the sea

The Palestinian resistance is heroic. The world solidarity path is marked by the continuity of the solidarity mobilizations with Palestine, the boycott of Israeli products and arms shipments and the demand to the governments to break off relations. The true face of Israel is being exposed all over the world, with its genocidal and criminal profile outlined during 75 years of colonization and acting as a gendarme of imperialism against the Arab peoples in the Middle East. The State of Israel is beyond repair, it must be destroyed in order to build a unique, secular, non-racist, democratic and socialist Palestine.