Boris Johnson resigned: crisis in the United Kingdom

The transport strike accelerated the Tory leader’s fall. It doesn’t even cross their minds to appeal to the democratic decision of the population. They want to “change something so that nothing changes.”

By Julio Santana – ISL United Kingdom

On June 3 we wrote the article “UK: transport strike” supporting the workers’ militant action. In it, we affirmed that the Government of the United Kingdom, headed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, was “weak and aimless,” as the product of a lousy government that led to the deterioration of the population’s standard of living. Of a failed Brexit led by a predatory bourgeoisie. Of its lousy responses to the capitalist economic crisis and the pandemic. Of having generated profits without investing in health and education. Of lying about its parties and drinking during the pandemic. And, ultimately, for governing for the most powerful with the aim of making the workers pay for the crisis.

A foretold fall 

Just under a month later the situation continued to worsen. On July 6, the Tory leader’s cabinet massively resigned from their posts and the Conservative Party withdrew its support. The goal of both actions was intended to cause him to leave Downing Street. Johnson has resigned as party leader, making a bid to hold on as prime minister until the Tories elect his successor next week. However, his fate had already been cast, so he resigned on July 7.

Lies, political and economic disasters

The Tories and the press say that the crisis in the government is based on the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. But the truth is that the crisis is because of the lies, the political and economic disasters that led him to lead one of the most reactionary, irresponsible and clownish administrations ever seen in the United Kingdom. However, there is an issue that is not mentioned: the transport strike was a warning about the immediate future of the Kingdom that accelerated the course of events.

A historic strike that accelerated the times

Many once again drew a conclusion: “The great ones seem great because we are on our knees. We must rise.” For this reason, after this measure of historic struggle, new strikes and protest actions began to be debated and organized. This is what really worries the Tories and Labor, which is why they decided to “change a fuse” before a general short circuit of workers’ struggles is caused. The intention of the regime is “to change something so that nothing changes.” For this reason, it does not even cross their minds to appeal to the population for people to democratically decide who the new authorities should be and what direction to take.

One worse than the other

The main candidates for Johnson´s succession have held ministries in the Johnson era. Nor can anything be expected from the Labor Party, which has had no qualms about banning its leaders and officials from attending RMT strike pickets. The crisis is so great that the list of applicants is open. It cannot be ruled out that the choice of authorities fall on relatively unknown or far-right characters. No replacement from the bowels of the bourgeoisie and the English regime will cause a qualitative change favorable to the great popular majorities.

What is happening is shameful

A few months ago, there was news of a retiree who got on the bus in the morning and traveled all day. She did so because she did not have enough resources to turn on the heat in her house. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson and all resigners will receive £450,000 in severance pay. Injustices and social differences are on the agenda in a country where hunger and poverty have returned. A falling government, a shaken regime and an economic crisis in full swing constitute a “perfect storm” that should not lead to the collapse of the workers.

Capitalists should pay for the crisis

We workers have to organize and demand solutions, promote the struggles and the general strike against: inflation, budget cuts for health and education, suspensions, dismissals and precarious working conditions. For automatically adjustable salaries and pensions with each point that inflation rises. And for all the popular demands, combined in a transitional program so that the capitalists pay for the crisis. 

For a new left alternative 

Cosmetic changes that remain within the limits of capitalism and the monarchical regime will not solve the serious problems that affect the workers of the United Kingdom. We must have no expectations in those who will replace Boris Johnson. We must only trust in the mobilizations, the strikes and in building a new left alternative. With the strategy that the workers and socialism rule.