The historic caravan for the freedom of political prisoners is already on its way to Nicaragua

At dawn today, the historic caravan for the freedom of political prisoners in Nicaragua left San José, Costa Rica, heading for Peñas Blancas on the Nicaraguan border.

Yesterday, the group of organizations that make up the International Commission for the Freedom of Prisoners, with an outstanding participation of the International Socialist League, held an important press conference, and today they are going to the border with the aim of overseeing the situation of the 190 political prisoners. Once at the border, there will be a march and a rally that will be broadcast by all our media. This is what Mariano Rosa, coordinator of the Commission, tells us from the Caravan in development:
This significant activity has a reflection that continues to impact the media throughout the region, even within Nicaragua itself as reflected below, and of course also continues to collect support from organizations.

We will continue informing on the developement of this important activity.