Venezuela: For the articulation of workers against private and public bosses

May 25, 2023. In a rally in front of the Ministry of Labor our comrades of Marea Socialista once again expressed the need to articulate the left sectors to confront the anti-worker policy of the government of Nicolás Maduro who in agreement with the Chamber of Employers, Fedecámaras, continues dumping the consequences of the crisis, caused on the one hand by all the austerity to the working class and, on the other hand, the sanctions that still continue to hit the Venezuelan people, on the backs of the workers

Gustavo Martinez denounces how private bosses willingly accept the elimination of minimum wage, social benefits, labor income bonus and the application of Memorandum 2792, while expressing the workers’ rejection of the union bureaucracies: “there are union bureaucracies that defend the private bosses when in fact Fedecámaras celebrates the measures applied by the government against the working class”.

Marea Socialista has also been denouncing the role played by the pro-government union bureaucracy that has been the transmission belt of Maduro’s anti-worker policies and that in the last few days has been the object of repudiation by rank and file workers of the basic state enterprises that have removed them from the companies.