Towards a global document

The Conference in Barcelona and previous work have allowed us to advance in the elaboration of common definitions on different topics, some of which are reflected in the declaration of February of this year, which bears the title of “A call to unity of the revolutionary socialists” and in the text of the Program that we have presented, along with which we developed “Our strategy for the socialist revolution “. Other definitions and proposals are expressed in the resolutions we have just approved on the World Economy, Europe, North Africa, Yemen, Kurdistan, Palestine, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Colombia, yellow jackets, women and ecology.

We have also advanced on many other issues in the debates that took place during this Conference: there were many contributions in the different points of the agenda in relation to the situation of the world class struggle and the politics and tasks that revolutionary socialists must take on; about the crisis that different organizations of the Western left and Trotskyism (USFI, CWI, ISO, PO, etc.) are going through and about their causes; about the politics of neo-reformism and how to deal with them, and about many other issues.

On the basis of all this and taking into account the need to socialize these debates and provide comprehensive answers to the theoretical, political and methodological problems that reality confronts us with, is that we propose to prepare, in a relatively short time, a global document that contains all these definitions and can be the base for all our militants to participate in the preparation of our first Congress to be held in the middle of the year 2020.

We also intend to draw up a draft Statute during the course of this year and edit an internal discussion bulletin to address the debates on pending issues and contributions that may arise.